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Finely curated Treatments under pinned with Lymphatic Drainage and an innovative approach to support you in your well-being

Explore our luxurious treatment menu

Finely curated Treatments under pinned with Lymphatic Drainage and an innovative approach to support you in your well-being

Explore our luxurious treatment menu

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Signature Services

Signature BODY (Bliss/Relaxing)

The Signature Body BEETOX is the O.G and total bliss bomb!
This is where you should START if you are NEW to The BEETOX Method as allows you to experience the full effects of lymphatic drainage in a slow and considered treatment like no other.

Starts with an 'active' consultation and dry body brushing. We want to create as much impact as we can for you. No corners being cut here! We get our hands to work even through the consultation process, followed by a customised Lymphatic Drainage Massage fused with other modalities tailored to best suit your specific needs. No two bodies are the same, therefore neither are these Treatments!

Pricing: starts at $330 - $450 (Tiered Staff pricing)

Treatment time: 1 hour 50 mins

* First visit includes a consultation and your in-treatment Dry Body Brush as take home gift along with correct instruction of how to use, and the use of a highly active Dermatologist formulated cream in treatment to increase cellular metabolism and increase detoxification effect for 24hrs. You will feel lighter and cleaner and leave with a detox or health elixir post Treatment.

This is the treatment which keeps on giving, long after you've left the treatment room. Experience a full lymphatic reset, healing and relaxation with personalised body contouring.

Signature Body (follow up)

You are back as you loved it so much and you can expect the same as before but without the consultation - more eyes shut time as you know how this lymphatic system works best now!

Pricing: starts at $295 - $370

Treatment time: 1 hour 30 mins

SIGNATURE ULTIMATE: with Infrared Sauna (Face & Body DETOX)

This one is not for the faint hearted! It's the real deal, all-killer-no-filler. It's not ALL nurturing and blissful whilst it is relaxing it's really the ultimate DETOX experience.

We combine your favourite active parts of our lymphatic wellness treatments including the SUNLIGHTEN Detox Dome infrared sauna, and roll them into the one power house session.

It is much like the AWAKEN RITUAL but with an added punch - this one brings back the tummy contouring massage from BLISS that everyone loves, to deliver all the draining and sculpting effects from your face to your core. So there is no leg work in this one - but face and tummy and all the detox boosting properties the combination of IR Sauna and Lymphatic work brings!

We finish with a product that will continue to deliver the heat even when you have left us, that contributes to the increased metabolic rate this treatment provides (you will burn anywhere from 300-600 calories just whilst laying flat in this session)!

It's the best of the best for the best - to whip you back into gear and an amazing way to help wipe the slate clean after an indulgent time!

Pricing: starts at $420 - $500

Treatment time: 1 hour 50 mins

If you are a new BEETOX'er this includes with your first visit, one of our premium dry body brush's for you to take home so you can keep up some of the lymphatic benefits from home. It also utilises the power of the highly active Dermatologist formulated product to create a hyperthermic effect and keep that metabolic heat long after the treatment, a health or detox refreshment, cold towels and access to the BODY OIL station to refresh afterwards.

Relax & Energise

"BBB" BEETOX BODY Booster (Energising)

Here is the CONTRAST to Signature BEETOX Treatments as you know them.

Not slow and soft with this one! Here we use a little lymphatic drainage but lots of cellulite targeting, body contouring techniques and devices to help shift sluggishness and excess fluid out of your body. Your skin will feel firmer and the immediate results of this treatment will be further boosted by the product we use. It is another highly specialised Dermatologist formulated product that has numerous natural active ingredients that deliver antioxidant and slimming, detoxifying properties such as caffeine and arnica.

It is designed to treat the tummy, hips, thighs and bum however as with all BEETOX treatments - can be altered to suit your needs.

Pricing: starts at $250 - $300

Treatment time: 1 hour 15 mins

*If you are a new BEETOX'er this includes in your first visit one of our premium dry body brush's for you to keep up the benefits from home.

*Pro Tip - Effects from a single session but best results when booked as a series of treatments . Also a great adjunct for increasing the efficacy of others body contouring treatments(eg: EMSCULPT) as offered at TEMPL. where we reside.

If you are wanting to experience the full effects of lymphatic drainage then the Signature BLISS range of treatments is for you.

AWAKEN Ritual: Lymphatic face + body detox (Relaxing/Restorative)

The Awaken Ritual Face Sculpt & Release, simultaneous to Body Detoxification & Healing.

Get ready for something different (the way we like to do things at The BEETOX Method)!

First you are walked through the how and why and instruction in effectively and properly dry body brushing to activate your lymphatic system. Then it's time to lay down in a SUNLIGHTEN Detox dome Infrared Sauna with light therapy. Some time to process your thoughts and let go, then your highly skilled BEETOX Therapist simultaneously works your Lymphatic system with a shape shifting, lifting and contouring massage to the 40+ muscles in your face to deliver that BEETOX face lift effect. We can assure you that you'll leave feeling revived and like things have shifted so you are ready and raring to go!

PRO TIP: Make sure you have time to let the effects settle the first time - lots of emotion is stored in the face and for some this can really shift things emotionally - for others they just feel so ALIVE. (Effects vary due to us each being unique)

Pricing: starts at $350 - $400

Treatment time: 1 hour 15 mins

* First visit includes the gift of a dry body brush, and tips on how you can help keep your lymphatic system in flow post treatment you will also take away a collagen peptide or detox refreshment as you quite literally bounce out afterwards!

SCULPT & GO: Face (Express/Energising)

It's fast and slow, stretch and all systems go...

This is the perfect treatment for the person who wants a quickie! (Or a glow up before your big event). We move lymph and any stagnation in the face along with a whole lot of tools and tricks to promote blood flow and oxygenation of your skin to give you a sculpted glow like no other.

Definitely NOT a facial but definitely results from 1 single session as you leave feeling energised! Warning there are over 40 muscles in your face and we work every single one of them, you will wonder why people would ever think of a back massage as a stress relieving thing to do! The FACE is where it's at - once you've had it - you get it and know why it's called SCULPT and GO!

*Pro Tip1 - If you want to learn more about your lymphatic system the Signature BLISS is for you.

*Pro Tip2 - If you want

Pricing: starts at $185 - $200

Treatment time: 45 mins

GLOW with the FLOW: with INFRARED SAUNA (Energising)

You asked - so we delivered! A basic introduction to Lymphatics... the perfect experience to prep for 'that' weekend, or to mop up the weekend that was (also designed as a perfect top-up for regular BEETOX’ers) this treatment activates and increases lymphatic flow, from head to toe!

It's designed to provide gentle results (in and out within an hour) utilising the power of dry body brushing (we have an interactive teaching moment to ensure you are accurate in your technique for best results) then addressing key nodes followed by the application of a highly specialised product that has a hyperthermic effect to create an increase in metabolic rate as you are warmed up from a cellular level (as opposed to standard HOT saunas) whilst laying flat in our SUNLIGHTEN Dome DETOX Infrared Sauna with light therapy. We then complete the senses by delivering an introduction to lymphatics with your BEETOX Wellness Therapist taking you through a relaxing mini lymphatic face opening to encourage drainage from the face, whilst your body eliminates toxins, and excess fluid and enhances your mood to allow you to flow with life and all of her offerings!  

Your skin will feel amazing and you will have a glow like you've stepped off the plane from a tropical vacay!

* Pro Tip - Great for a day or 2 out from your special event - Bookings limited, so suggest booking early to avoid missing out.

Pricing: $150 (Note: Bee, Founder and Creator - does not carry out this treatment)

Treatment time: 50 mins