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The Beetox Way

We welcome you to try our very own devised series of treatments combining various techniques that together, will support your health in a holistic approach utilising the following pillars:

  • Massage

    The Beetox Method is not just an ordinary ‘massage’. It all starts with the Signature Treatment, designed to take you on a journey, tailored to your wants and needs.

  • Beauty

    Using my background in fitness and beauty I will nourish and sculpt you from head to toe to give you that all over glow.

  • Wellbeing

    The benefits of my Signature Beetox Method treatments continue for up to a week after or longer with my guidance – allowing you, your body mind and soul to reap the benefits you deserve.

Say Hello to Bee


The best thing I can do to sustain my mental health is to slow my mind down and nurture my spirit. I’ve worked hard on finessing exactly how to do that, and it happens at The BEETOX Method! I drop into another world whenever I’m on that bed and I walk out feeling like I can conquer the world. The physical benefits of lymphatic are noticeable – but for me – the emotional and spiritual impact Bee’s method has on me is why I lock in my appointments a year in advance!

YESTERDAY I MET AN INCREDIBLE SOUL! Bee from The BEETOX Method turned my inflamed and bloated body and did this in just one treatment (shocked emoji) Back I go in a month to further aid my body to detox and reboot. Her techniques are really incredible and I’m stoked to find someone do this after looking for so long (these treatments are huge OS).

I’m still walking on cloud nine after my treatment yesterday. It was honestly the most incredible, amazing and positively life changing treatment I have ever experienced. Thank you, thank you, thank you

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your treatment on Thursday. I feel so fantastic and am continuing to see improvements in my body. I’m grateful for those healing hands of yours and looking forward to seeing you again!

I am gobsmacked at how different my body is today from yesterday! You truly have created something incredible 🩷

Just wow! Super relaxing and oh so nurturing. Like being in a cocoon of love. Hands down one of the most amazing gifts I have ever given myself. I just floated out of the room. This is the missing piece of my wellness puzzle that I have been searching for. I’m about to re-book and ensure I have these glorious treatments regularly. Super grateful for The BEETOX Method angels x

Honestly one of the best treatments I’ve ever had! I loved it and have noticed a massive difference in my bloating and skin texture since dry brushing daily. Obsessed! Thank you 🩷

I’m a big advocate for dry body brushing. In general I love any ritual that promotes lymphatic flow and drainage. I love the particular shape of my Gua Sha from The BEETOX Method for sculpting my jaw. I also love working with Bee Czarnota from The BEETOX Method. I swear she has healing powers.

I am so grateful to have met Bee and to learn so much from her extensive knowledge, experience and passion with lymphatic drainage treatments. I have never experienced a lymphatic massage like this ever before and I can't wait for my next treatment. Not only did Bee explain the process step by step but was super clever to use analogies that resonate with everyday life in order to understand it more logically. She is one of the most incredible practitioners I've ever met and what a privilege it was to experience this treatment with her!

Erin Deering, Co-Founded Triangle
Hillary Holmes
Michelle W.
Mia L.
Melissa K.
Suzi W.
Indi P.
Martine Ho
Deanna Depetro

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Looking for more info?

How do I know what treatment to choose?

We have tried to make a very complex system as basic as possible by targeting concerns and creating treatments to suit these particulars Ie; Focusing on health and stress relief, or aimed at water weight loss and body contouring, etc… If you have a health concern you are best to start wth our Signature BODY Bliss as it is the most gentle of all our treatments. We really do welcome you to make light of the sometimes overwhelming feeling of choices available by discussing your concerns or goals with our Concierge Team who can help you to make the right decision though. Please call +61 475 055 827 or email

I have a Heath condition, how do I know if I am cleared or safe (not contraindicated) to receive a BEETOX treatment?

f you are under the guidance of a health professional for a current or recent condition or stage of life (such as pregnancy or post surgery) we operate by your SAFETY and care comes first. We’d love to hear from you to work out if you are safe to have a treatment and encourage you to contact our Concierge Team so we can all be sure we are doing the right thing by you.

Are you running a waitlist still?

We at times get inundated and cannot keep up and at these times must first offer our loyal regulars a spot which find us needing to take names and numbers to run a waitlist that then operates under first signed first served basis. Usually its only 4-6 week wait until you will be offered a spot, but can blow out to 12 weeks at peak times.

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