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Have questions? We have answers.

What do I need to wear?

What ever you like! Do know that you will be undressing so if you’d like clothes that are easy to get on and off and wearing minimal jewellery a good idea as you will be asked to remove it all (earrings and all).

Do I need swimwear for the Sauna?

No, in fact infrared is different to a traditional sauna and so best with as little coverage on your skin as possible to allow better affect of the heat waves so just your briefs is all you need, and maybe a spare pair in case you get a good sweat on in there!

What do I need to prepare?

You will receive a very detailed information from our Concierge Team when you book and pay your deposit so be sure to check junk/spam folders and log out for it.  The main tip is to drink loads of water the day before, and the day of any BEETOX lymphatic treatment fir best results.

Where are you located and how do I get there?

Again all details will be sent in email, but our HQ is in the sleepy bayside coastal village if Beaumaris.  The nearest train stations are either Cheltenham, Mentone or Sandringham with a 5-10 min taxi or uber ride from there to get to us.
Or if coming by car parking is easy with plenty of 3 and 2 hr areas available for you in close proximity to our front door.

How do I know what Treatment to choose?

We have tried to make a very complex system and targeted offering basic in offering a menu that’s broken up into style of treatment.Ie; Focusiing on health and stress relief, or aimed at water weight loss and body contouring, etc… If you have a health concern you are best to start wth our Signature BODY Bliss as it is the most gentle of all treatments. We really do welcome you to make light of the sometimes overwhelming feeling of choices available by discussing your concerns or goals with our Concierge Team who can help you to make the right decision though.

I have a Heath condition, how do I know if I am cleared or safe (not contraindicated) to receive a BEETOX treatment?

If you are under the guidance of a health professional for a current or recent condition or stage of life (such as pregnancy or post surgery) we operate by your SAFETY and care comes first. We’d love to hear from you to work out if you are safe to have a treatment and encourage you to contact our Concierge Team so we can all be sure we are doing the right thing by you.

How can I contact you?

Email: and/or

Phone +61475055827

Instagram DM @beetoxmethod

Are you running a waitlist still?

We at times get inundated and cannot keep up and at these times must first offer our loyal regulars a spot which find us needing to take names and numbers to run a waitlist that then operates under first signed first served basis. Usually its only 4-6 week wait until you will be offered a spot, but can blow out to 12 weeks at peak times.